Easy ways to Secure Your Home

When you become a homeowner, there are so many "hidden costs" that you don't consider during the buying process. It's easy to get so caught up in making sure all our ducks are in a row to close that you don't necessarily stop to consider all of the things that would need after moving in or even contemplate the endless possibilities.

We said goodbye to our deluxe apartment in the sky and hello to researching how to best secure our home from the inside and out. Here are all of the items we purchased to make our new home feel more safe.

1. Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring doorbell allows us to "answer" the door without physically opening door. The best part is we can answer it and keep eyes on our house while traveling.

2. Ring Spotlight Security Camera

The Ring spotlight camera gives me peace of mind! It's like having eyes all around the house and we receive a notification anytime it senses motion.

3. Smart Home Switch Panel (Alexa Compatible)

This smart light switch is the truth! The best part is it compatible with our Ring products - so we can answer the door from it too. It has a camera that allows us to see into our home when we're away. There's a built in camera cover for privacy.

4. Key-free Touchscreen Smart Lock

Who doesn't love keyless entry?! Plus, we're going to rent out our downstairs unit and this smart lock allows us to assign a personal access code to each tenant. Instead of changing the locks each time a tenant moves out, we simply remove their access code. We can also see which code was used to open the door at any particular time.

It has an automatic lock feature. There's also a way to unlock/lock the door remotely, but we're still figuring that out.

5. WiFi Alarm System Kit

This alarm system adds an extra layer of security. If a window/door is opened or motion is detected, an alarm will go off and we receive a notification on our home.

6. Smoke Detectors

Since our home is older, we needed to make sure we had up to date smoke detectors. It's a standard detector.

7. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Similar to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced and/or installed. Please be sure to affix to the wall slightly above ankle level.

8. Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener

The Ring smoke alarm doesn't detect smoke or carbon monoxide. However, it ensures you're able to hear or get notified if either one of those systems are going off. This was important for us since we're always traveling. We wanted to be sure the home was safe whether we were home or away.

9. Fire Extinguisher

We placed a fire extinguisher in each unit, the basement, and garage. These also need to be replaced and kept up to date.

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