A Day on the Delaware River Tubing

I played outside with strangers… GASPS! *Insert suspenseful music*

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although, my anxiety was through the roof trying to make sure I maintained a proper distance and vice versa. Where did we go?

We floated the Delaware River!

The company we used is Delaware River Tubing.

AND I didn't play with anyone! #DontEvenLookAtMe


~Plenty of FREE parking

~A harness was provided to hook floats together

(Sorry HB, you’re not getting rid of me that easy)

~You can check your keys to ensure you don’t lose them

~Buses drop-off and pick-up from the designating floating area

(They only allowed around 6-8 people on each bus)


~I felt we should have received a discount since food wasn’t served

(We wouldn't have ate it anyways... #COVID)

~If food had been available, there should have been an option to opt out for a discounted price in light of COVID

~People were not social distancing or following protocol in line. The sad part was no one from the company's staff was enforcing the rules

(Don’t worry I was my own enforcer lol!)

~On the company's site they state "hard" shelled coolers were not allowed

(Not the case)

~They also said water shoes were required

(Not the case. I will say I enjoyed having water shoes. People in flip flops were struggling)


~We paid extra for floats with headrests

~Rafting, canoeing, and kayaking were available too

~You’re required to sign a waiver

~Leave anything you don’t want to lose or get wet in the car

~You’re required to buy your tickets in advance

~We floated around 2.5-3 hours



(Only until you to get to the designate float area)



~Cooler (option 1 / option 2)

(Filled with bevvies of your choice, be an adult, bring water)

~Ice packs (option 1 / option 2)


~Water Shoes (option 1 / option 2 /option 3)

~Waterproof phone case/pouch

~Bluetooth speaker

A Fire personality (not for sale)!

The floating company does sale some of these items for an increased price.


~If you plan on going down with a group of friends, just take two cars

~Park one car at the beginning of the designated float area and one at the end

(This way you're not stranded at the end without a ride back up)

~Look into purchasing floats online. It may be cheaper than going through this company

(The don't own the river. Anyone can float)

~You’re paying for convenience...that’s it!

~Check for updates & restrictions on their website,

as things are constantly changing due to COVID

What have you been up to? Have you done any outside activities?

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