Best Mexico City Food Tour - Tacos & Mezcal

I LOVE trying the local cuisine when traveling! With that said, I don’t want to try anything. Sis, wanna know where the lick ya fingers, sing while ya eating, slap ya mama spots are! While in Mexico City, I decided a food tour would be a great way to try some of the best local cuisine. When I tell you Sabores Mexico Food Tours delivered with their Tacos and Mezcal tour, I tell no lies.

The food tour included 4 taquerias, 1 mezcal tasting, and stops at historic sites, which helped me understand the political landscape and provided a narrative/context for the local cuisine. Below are photos of the tacos for you to enjoy through your computer screen!

3 things to note:

1. There were some vegetarian options

2. Beer is an optional beverage choice at taquerias

3. Wear stretchy pants!! I was stuffed - HB had to take some of his food to go #Rookie

Have you ever done a food tour? Let me always I’m taking notes!

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