Best Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

It's Not Just a Hairstyle.

As a Black woman, my hair is an extension of my personality. It allows me to be creative and expressive without saying a word. In that same vein, it also represents a lot of trauma and pain. From the moment I was born, my hair did not belong to me. It belonged to society. The misconception is once you go “natural”, you’re free of the shackles that bound your crown. #FakeNews

I started my natural journey in 2011 and it wasn’t until last year that I liberated my coils. 2020 was the first time in my 31 years on earth that I did what the eff I wanted with my hair without any thought about outside factors and it felt DAMN good.

Sorry, not sorry if my curls, kinks, braids, ponytail, or afro offend you. Besides, if you are offended, YOU are the problem, NOT my hair and I don’t need that negativity in my life.

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Share your hair journey & stories with me. Let’s chat!

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