How to Save Money for Travel by Reducing Monthly Expenses

Let’s start with the basics! -- When considering saving for travel, take a look at your monthly RECURRING expenses. 👇🏾Here are things I do to lower my recurring expenses and keep my coins in my pocket.

⭐️Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses: Let’s be honest with each other - Do you need the premium cable package? Are you using your Spotify account? Have you gone to the gym? Maybe consider a subscription service like FuboTV instead of cable; look at which medical and car insurance benefits you use/need vs what you’re paying for; and cancel anything you’re not actively using. Those dollars add up!

⭐️Pull Your Loyalty Card: If you’ve been with a company for a while and pay on time, call and ask for a loyalty discount. Most companies have loyalty departments with reps that can offer discounts that regular customer service reps can’t. I’ve saved on my cell phone and internet this way.

⭐️Pay Bills in Bulk: If you can, pay multiple months at a time to save money/receive a discount. I’ve done this with rent and currently do this with my car insurance.

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