How to Save Money on Hotels

In a previous blog post, I shared a few tips on how I save money on travel bookings. Can you say, jacuzzi time? Today, I'm going share some of the ways I save on hotels.

Now, some of my tips for saving money on hotels may sound ridiculous, but if you're flexible and want to save a buck (lol) keep reading.

1. Don't be afraid to book last minute.

I've literally booked hotel accommodations while on the ✈plane heading to the destination. Please don't be silly if you go this route! Do your homework. Gather a list of 3-5 options and keep an eye on the availability.

When I'm booking last minute, I typically use third party sites like Trivago,, or Hotel Tonight.

2. Take advantage of off-peak season.

This is so clutch. Not only do you avoid the crowds (i.e. lots of tourists), but it's a brilliant way to save money! Hotel rates are lower, flights are cheaper, and you're able to negotiate better rates for excursions, souvenirs, etc.

3. Take a chance, call the hotel.

Please understand, most hotels would rather book a room at a cheaper rate than allow a room to sit empty. This ties in with my first two tips. If it's a few days before your trip and/or you're traveling during off-peak season, cha-ching! Call the hotel. They may offer a cheaper rate that is not available online.

4. Show up!

Ridiculous, I know. I only do this for a staycation or a weekend getaway because these trips are close to home. It's the day of which means that room may not get booked anyways. Plus, it's the equivalent of "calling," so you'll probably get the cheaper rate.

Please be advised if there's a hater at the desk when you call or show up, they may give you a higher rate. I mean higher than what's available via a third party site. So please check the rates ahead of time. Don't play ya self!

Did you know you can BID on hotel rooms and flights? One more way to save!

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