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Must See in NYC: Light Up Chinatown

Have you seen the lanterns in Lower Manhattan?

After an almost one year hiatus, I returned to NYC and was greeted by 250 violet pink, orange, and gold lanterns hanging above Mott St. located in the heart of Chinatown. Light Up Chinatown is a grassroots initiative with a mission to bring the community together during the pandemic by boosting the confidence of the neighborhood and to remind people that while many businesses have closed, many are still open.

Fun facts about the initiative:

🏮the project was conceived by a bakery manager

🏮local artists were selected to paint the designs on the lanterns

🏮the designs are symbols for good fortune, peace, love, happiness, wealth, and longevity

🏮the lanterns were meant to be red, but red was out of stock

🏮Will Smith donated $10,000

Just a reminder to support your favorite small businesses before it’s too late!

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