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One Room Challenge: Hotel Inspired Bedroom Makeover

It week 8 of the One Room Challenge *in my Oprah Voice*! I can hardly contain my excitement to share my bedroom space with you!

The last 8 weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions - mostly because I didn't know if I had what it took to completely transform a space (that was out of my typical design aesthetic) in such a short amount of time. Instead of making a big splash with vibrant colors and over the top patterns that I would normally choose, I decided to try something totally out of my wheelhouse - I combined Transitional Style with a Modern Farmhouse (more Rustic) design. Do you remember what the space looked like when I started this project? The bedroom was not a definitely showed with the mix matched furniture, lack of character, and yellow-ish wall color. It needed some serious help to look like a page pulled out a magazine with all of the personality to match.

If you'd like to revisit any content from the previous 7 weeks, click the links or images below for easy access.

Now, let's get to the moment you've all been following along for - the REVEAL of our bedroom!! Whoop! Whoop!

I had a huge vision for this space. I wasn't even sure if we could execute some of it like the slat wall and the nightstands. And I'm glad we didn't let lack of knowing how (in that moment) stop us from seeing the vision through. I think it turned out incredible! Come on in...I'll walk you through the space.

Slat Wall & Paint Color

The slat wall is definitely the focal point of the room. Initially, it was meant to be an accent wall, but we realized we could further incorporate it into the design by using it as our head board.

The paint color is "Cyberspace" by Sherwin Williams (SW7076) matched in Behr Paint, satin. This color looks black, but is actually a dark shade of gray with deep blue undertones.

Bed Frame and Linen

Previously, the mattress and box spring were support by rails sans a bed frame. The rails set atop bed risers, which offered under bed storage space. We didn't want to lose the storage with new design. We also needed a bed frame that was low profile so it wouldn't obstruct the slat wall too much. The Nordli bed frame with storage from IKEA was the perfect choice.

The linen are neutral tones - beige, cream, taupe, brown, white with hints of blue. Even though the palette for the bedding consist of neutral colors, they pull in different textural elements with the different fabrics - waffle, bamboo, faux fur, and cotton.


The lighting adds more gold metals to the space. The wall sconces offer softer lighting that's perfect for reading before bed. The fixtures are meant to be hardwired. To save time and money, we surfaced wired them and used a conduit cover to hide the cord (we painted the conduit c0ver to match the wall color).

The ceiling light is a dupe. I found a light fixture that was over $500. I refuse to spend that much on lighting, so I decided to try my hand a recreating it. It offers the perfect amount of light with four bulbs. I also included a picture of the actual/original light for your reference.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet was in great condition. It just needed a refresh. We simply gave it a face lift using neutral wallpaper that added an additional textural element. We also changed out the hardware bringing in more gold. To see more behind the scenes for this project, check out week 5 of the ORC. The gold hardware came with 10 knobs in the pack. You'll see these throughout the bedroom space, as we used them on the closet doors and for DIY wall hooks.

Drawer Chest

Similar to the shoe cabinet, the drawers were in great shape. The drawer handles and locks were silver. We swapped out the silver plastic hardware for a brass and beech wood cabinet pull. It further ties together the space incorporating more gold metal and brown hues. Then, we spray painted the locks gold using the same spray paint used for the ceiling light fixture.


We've owned this hallway bench for years. It was a last minute addition to the space. I was looking for a chair made of rattan or crane material. I couldn't find anything that wouldn't obstruct the walkway in the color or price I had in mind. This bench takes up minimal space while providing more shoe storage and a place to put pillows while sleeping. The pillow and throw blanket were part of the comforter set.


Since there are drawers under the bed and our bedroom isn't a large space, we looked for floating nightstands that would provide proper clearance. The other problem was we only had 18 inches on either side of the bed. Most of the nightstands we found were too large for the space and didn't offer enough clearance below. Did I mention the price? So we used some nightstands I found online for inspiration to DIY some ourselves. I've included a picture of the nightstands that inspired our for your reference, which would have cost us over $100. We built ours for $25. We stained the wood using the same colors as the slat wall. They tie in well with the slat wall adding another modern farmhouse (rustic) element. Check out week 7 of the ORC for wood stain colors.

Wall Decor

We used the wall decor to add more of our personalities to the space. We kept it super simple - we did some DIY art along with pictures we found online of places we've traveled to such as Cuba, Tokyo, and Mexico City and ordered prints. The frames were a thrift store find. Although the wood is a different color than the nightstands and slat wall, they give a nod to the rustic design style while offering more brown hues to the space.

I found the mirror at a thrift store for $20. It's just a coincidence that it matches. The mirror definitely creates more light making the space feel bright and bigger.

Previously, we had an over the door rack to hang our robes and hoodies. While we wanted to keep this feature, we needed to find a way to include it that would add to the design. Instead of purchasing wall hooks, we used the gold hardware from the closet doors and shoe cabinet to create wall hooks. This was also a more affordable solution because two wall hooks cost the same as the 10 cabinet pulls.

Last, but not least, we installed a ClosetMaid closet system. This system is adjustable and can be configured a few different ways depending on your needs. For your reference, the closet is approximately 6ft.

Thank you so much for your support and for following along! Until we meet again for the next room makeover and/or DIY project!


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