Learn How to Save Money for Travel

What's the first thing you do when you receive your paycheck? If you're not paying yourself first, then #Lucy you got some explaining to do!

Last week was all about minimizing your monthly recurring expenses to build up your travel piggy bank (if you haven't done that yet, this next step might be hard). Every time I get paid, before I make any purchases or pay any bills, 👏🏾I 👏🏾PAY 👏🏾MYSELF. I designate a certain percent of each check to go into my savings. Please believe in the beginning, it was a very small amount. As my salary increased and I learned how to reel in my recurring expenses, the amount I was able to save grew.

You have to prioritize paying yourself because them bills gone get paid and them shoes gone get bought regardless! Meanwhile, yo piggy bank will be empty. #sadface

Have you heard of this concept? Or personally practiced it?

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Hey Y'all!

I'm Santeka - a colorful, outspoken Southern woman that landed in New Jersey. Welcome to my corner of the internet where I share travel, food fun, DIY, design, and daily magic!


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