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Multi-Functional Garage Space

Hey Gorgeous People! I'm excited to share the garage is up and running! While we're waiting on delayed shipments, we still accomplished our goal in turning the garage into a usable pace that serves our dynamic, multi-faceted lifestyle.

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Let me walk you through the space and journey!

Vector Art

Vector Art

Before Pictures

We needed the garage to include the following:

  • Storage for Holiday Decor

  • Crafting Station

  • Gym and Storage for Outdoor Gear

  • Storage for Event Essentials

  • Workstation and Storage for Home Improvement Items

Figuring out our needs and how we intended on using the garage was an essential step. It informed our plan regarding the design, layout, organization, and storage.

I ended up researching home design software websites to create a rendering of our desired layout for the garage. I found several, but ultimately went forward with HomeByMe - an online solution dedicated to the creation of interior design projects. From the search for inspiration to the purchase of furniture, through 3D modeling, this software provides support in all your interior design projects. I chose HomeByMe because the platform was the easiest to navigate. I was able to quickly learn how to use the software to create the rendering below. In comparison to their competitors, it was not challenging at all to learn.

3D Rendering of Garage Makeover

3D Rendering of Garage Layout

Multi-Functional Garage Overview

Paint Color

The garage was in desperate need of paint refresh. The inconsistency of the existing paint job and variety of paint colors made the space feel dark, dim, and dirty.

Multi-functional garage makeover

We only used one paint color on the walls in the garage. The color is Sherwin Williams' City Loft matched in Behr paint. This helped brighten up the space and made it feel more open.

Sherwin Williams' City Loft Paint Chip

We initially used rollers to paint the walls of the garage. We weren't getting the results that wanted using the paint roller, so we switched to the Graco TrueCoat Paint Sprayer. It provided way better coverage and sped up the process.

Multi-Functional Garage Makeover

Multi Use Garage Pro Tips

Vector Art

Vector Art


The garage also needed a refresh. There were yucky oil stain and spills on the floors and we wanted a solution that was durable and that was cost effective.

Multi-Functional Garage Makeover

We decided to go with DRYLOK Concrete Floor Paint in the color Dover Gray. It's a latex paint specifically formulated for both interiors and exteriors such as garage floors, basement floors, and outdoor patios. We chose is because it's durable and less likely to peel, non-slip, and affordable.

I definitely feel like we should have done two to three coats instead of one.

Multi Functional Garage Space

Multi-Use Garage Pro Tips

Wire Shelving Systems and Accessories

Our partners at The Shelving Store helped us select shelving systems that supported our goal in using the garage as a multi-functional space. The features we love the most about the shelving systems and accessories:

  • Load Strength / Heavy duty

  • Adaptability

  • Versatility

  • Functionality

  • Durability

The shelves were easy to assemble and can be adjusted as our needs change down the line. From the flexibility in height to adding or removing shelves to integrating more accessories. We're not locked in. So in a year or two we won't have to purchase all new storage solutions. These will grow with us.

Garage Storage Solutions

The level of organization the shelving systems allows us to achieve is top tier. We we able to reach our goal of having space and storage for holiday decor, crafting station essentials, outdoor gear, and home improvement items. And it doesn't feel cluttered at all.

Garage Storage Solutions

The Shelving Store is offering 10% off of your storage needs. Check out my personalized storefront to find the products we have in our space and for more incredible inspiration. *Promotion has ended*

Multi-Functional Garage Space

Additional Shelf & Workbench

All of our shelving didn't come from The Shelving Store. We previously purchased a shelving unit from Home Depot and a workbench from Amazon. These options were great for creating a workstation or as I like to call it a Jesus Shop. The shelving unit was just the right size for storing all of our event essentials.


Last addition to the space was the gym equipment. We didn't need anything complex. We simply wanted an at home gym that had the basic necessities to do a quick workout, sufficient workout on day we didn't feel like going to the local gym.

Garage Gym

Garage Gym

Garage Gym

For more fixer upper inspiration, check out my home and DIY blog posts.

Multi-Functional Garage Space


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