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Rental-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas

I'm thrilled that our bathroom is finished! We were able to transform our small, bland bathroom space into a Boho oasis with a makeover that was affordable and rental-friendly. The upgrades were easy to complete and we'll get our deposit back once it's time to move out. Talk about a win, win!

Before Video


Before the makeover, our bathroom lacked personality and storage. We had previously decided against making changes for fear of losing our deposit and/or facing additional charges. We were able to add personality with easy, inexpensive upgrades that were considered normal "wear and tear" and gained more storage in the process.

Let's take a look at how we spruced up our small apartment bathroom.

DIY and design blogger Santeka is posing in her upgraded apartment bathroom


We stepped out of comfort zone to create this Bohemian spa-like oasis. We chose bold patterns, fabrics, and a vibrant color scheme. I figured if we hated it, we could always return whatever we didn't like. Which brings me to my next point - don't let the decor options and possibilities overwhelm you or stop you from pushing forward. Nothing is permanent! You can always repaint walls, put up wallpaper, or change out the shower curtain. Sometimes it takes seeing it all together to actual know what you like and what works together.

Renter-friendly bathroom upgrades with geometric art, wall sconces, and a boho rug

The wall sconces and flameless candles gives the bathroom a spa-like feel creating a relaxing, soothing atmosphere for bubble baths. Here's a decor hack - you can use woven rugs in lieu of towels or in combination with towels. We layered a set of green bath towels with a Boho woven rug.

Affordable, renter-friendly bathroom upgrades with decorative towels and a boho rug

Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is ombre with fringe to tie in with the rest of the Boho decor. The color is like and off-white and pale peach. We purchased two (2) floor rugs. This is helpful in between wash days, so we always have a rug in the bathroom. The one pictured is a multi-color, woven rug and the second option is a solid green and made of microfiber.

Affordable, renter-friendly bathroom upgrades with a fringe shower curtain


Our bathroom, similar to most apartment bathrooms is small, boring, and didn't have enough storage (hello, city living!). We hung a wall cabinet over the toilet to combat our storage issue. We purchased a white cabinet to match the existing one in the bathroom space. It has two interior shelves and one open shelf, which was perfect for storing toiletries.

Renter-friendly upgrades and effective storage solutions with wall cabinet

We went with a faux plant because we had recently found out that certain plants such as Eucalyptus are harmful to pets. Here's a plant list that's been really helpful.

Renter-friendly upgrades and effective storage solutions with a wall cabinet

We didn't spend a lot of money to upgrade our bathroom. However, the small changes we made truly transformed the space. By adding simply, renter-friendly storage and decor options, we were able to make a huge impact.

Renter-friendly bathroom makeover ideas

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