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Apartment Therapy Feature: Before and After: A $1,300 Bedroom Redo Has a DIY Headboard and a Low-Cost Luxe Light Fixture

Bedroom Before

About this Before and After

One great source for bedroom design inspiration? Hotel rooms! (After all, a restful night’s sleep is pretty much the hotel industry’s bread and butter.)

Calming colors, layered bedding, and lamp inspiration galore are commonplace in luxe hotel rooms, so it makes total sense that Santeka Grigley’s vision for her bedroom during the One Room Challenge was “a serene, hotel-inspired” space.

Bedroom Before
Vector Art
Vector Art

Before, her beige bedroom was far from calm or relaxing. Santeka and her partner, Reggie, had been fixing up rooms gradually in their home, and the bedroom was neglected over time. “It definitely showed with the mismatched furniture, lack of character, and a yellowish wall color,” Santeka says.

Santeka and Reggie set about to create a space that they “yearned to return to at the end of the day.”

Bedroom After

Although Santeka is normally drawn to bold, vibrant colors, for her bedroom redo, she and Reggie —again taking a page from the hotel world’s design book — chose to go classic, dark, and moody. Their dark paint choice (Sherwin-Williams’ Cyberspace) and the new textured headboard are the stars of the show.

Bedroom After

Santeka and Reggie built the slatted headboard (plus the matching floating nightstands!) from scratch, and it was much more difficult — and involved a lot more troubleshooting and research — than anticipated. “I’m glad we didn’t let lack of knowing how (in that moment) stop us from seeing the vision through,” Santeka writes on her blog — a great DIY mantra.

Vector Art

Written by: Nikol Slatinska ・ published September 15, 2022

This project was completed for the One Room Challenge, in partnership with Apartment Therapy.

Vector Art

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