How to Print Passport Photo at Home

What if I told you, “You could print your passport photo at home?” It sounds crazy, right? Well you can! All you need is a smartphone, a printer (that prints in color), photo paper, and maybe a person to assist.

First things first, grab your smartphone and download Passport Size Photo Maker from the app store. I’m sure there are other apps, but this is the one I used.

Next, position yourself against a wall and take your photo. It’s best if you take the picture in front of a bare wall. No worries if you’re nervous about getting it right. The app has a built in grid that will help you line yourself up just right. Once you feel you’ve captured the perfect photo, proceed to the next step, select your country. This will ensure the passport photo is the correct size.

After moving through the steps to flip/rotate, align and crop your photo, you’ll reach a step that will allow you to extract your background and change it to a white background. This is a very important step as a solid white background is required.

Make sure you review the tips for submitting photos for your country. There are rules and restrictions around resolution, print size, quality, poses, expressions, and attire. I’ve included the link for U.S. passport photos here. The website also provides satisfactory examples of passport photos.

You’ve made it this far - Guess what? You’re ready to print your photo! Load your printer with photo paper, then press print.

Pro tip: Add a thin border to the image. The first time I didn’t do this, so I had to line the photos up against a ruler to ensure I cut them in a straight line. Be sure to cut off all of the border without affecting the required size of the image. You’ve been warned.

I’ve used this app to print photos for my passport, international driving permit, and any other application or document that requires a “passport” standard photo.

What say you? Will you skip the trip to CVS or play it safe?

Supplies Used:

Canon Printer

Canon Photo Paper

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