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Easily Upgrade Your Bedroom on a Budget

I am excited to reveal our bedroom makeover! One item is missing (the framing for the DIY whiteboard is on back order), but we can still get on with sharing how we easily upgraded our bedroom on a budget. These renter and budget friendly upgrades to our apartment completely transformed the space.


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Before the makeover, our bedroom was a blah, boring space with beige walls and mixed matched furniture and decor that had come with us from previous moves, Craigslist, Ikea, and our parents. Nothing was wrong with any of it! We simply needed to do some DIY magic on the furniture and add some new decor to bring the space together in a cohesive way. We also needed to add a pop of color to the walls. In all of the years we'd been renters, this was our first time painting walls. Similar to other renters, we always decided against making changes for fear of losing our deposit and/or facing additional charges. Well, fear no more! I'm here to show you easy, inexpensive upgrades you can do to transform your apartment that won't affect your security deposit.

How to Upgrade Your Bedroom on a Budget

Our goal was to create a cozy, calming space that was bright to boost our moods. Additionally, we needed the bedroom to serve as a multi-purpose space that included a dressing area.

Now, let's get into the apartment bedroom reveal!

Upgraded bedroom on a budget with blue, orange, and white bedding

Vector Art

Vector Art

Paint Colors

We painted an accent wall in the bedroom and left the remaining walls the original beige color. The accent wall color is "Orange Taffy" by Valspar matched in Sherwin Williams paint (Satin). We learned that orange was great color for the bedroom. It's a dynamic color that will make interior spaces feel vibrant. In addition, the color orange evokes warmth and creativity.

Valspar Orange Taffy paint chip

Painting is an easy, affordable way to transform an apartment. Plus, it's rental friendly, as all you have to do is paint the wall(s) back before moving out.

Pro tip for painting an apartment without losing the deposit

Here are two (2) articles that detail why orange is a great color for a bedroom:


The color blue pairs well with orange. A general rule of thumb is colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel compliment each other the best - making for the perfect color scheme for a bedroom (and outfit). Having blue in a room can make you feel calm and help you get a good night's sleep. The color blue can also function as neutral and is a versatile color to decorate any space with.

Here are an article that details why blue is a great color for a bedroom:

Renter-friendly bedroom upgrades with orange, blue, and white bedding and glass lamps

If this comforter set is sold out, visit more options. They'll have sets in the colors blue and orange that are similar.

Bed Rails and Bed Risers

We placed our mattresses on top of bedrails and raised the height with bed risers. The raised height provides us with more storage. If you're in need of additional storage, this an affordable, super easy solution.

Renter-friendly bedroom upgrades with orange, blue, and white bedding, glass lamps, and DIY wall art

Bed Rollers (Not Exact)

Bed rails on top of risers for additional under bed storage

Here's a photo with the mattress and box spring removed so you can get a feel for the height of the bed with the risers in place. You can place bed rails directly on top of risers or add bed rollers like we did for additional height.

Bed rails on top of risers for additional under bed storage

We used the bed skirt that came with the comforter set to hide the bed risers, bed rails, and the items being stored under the bed.

Wall Art Headboard

We upcycled as much of our furniture and decor as we could to keep costs down. So instead of buying a headboard, we purposed this metal wall decor that we already owned. We hung them horizontally to provide the illusion of a headboard. The wall decor pulled in more neural colors and copper metal tones, which helped tie the room together.

Renter-friendly bedroom upgrades with orange, blue, and white bedding and wall art as a headboard

I purchased this set of metal wall decor from Kirland's many years ago. While this set may not be available, they always have great wall decor options. The link above will take you directly to the art & wall decor section of their website.

Night Stands

For the night stands, we repurposed side tables that we already owned. I bought them on Craigslist along with a matching coffee table when I first moved to New Jersey.

Night stand decor inspiration with a glass lamp, a candle, faux plant, and books

The original color of the side tables were black. I previously spray painted them silver. We chose to spray paint them again to pull in more copper notes, which pairs very well with orange and blue.

I definitely recommend checking out second hand sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, OfferUp, and/or your local thrift stores for furniture and decor. Especially if you don't mind a DIY project. I've been able to find decor with the tags still on them and furniture that can be used as is. You'll save so much money going this route.

Vector Art

Vector Art

Lighting and Table Decor

The table lamps make the bedroom feel more elegant and softer. The white lamp shades, glass, and silver metal contrast the rustic, darker tones creating a more dynamic space. We kept decor very simple so the night stand was functional. The faux plants are the perfect addition. If you don't have a green thumb, it's a great way to bring in greenery without the maintenance. We already owned the table lamps. All we did was swap out the blue lamp shades with white ones. I couldn't find these lamps online (I bought them Kirland's many years ago), but I've linked several glass lamp options on my LTK shop.

The floor lamp table brought in more light into the bedroom. Since there's no ceiling lighting, we knew we need one more light source than the table lamps. The floor lamp table was originally gold and we spray painted it to bring in more of the copper colored metals.


The bench was a great way to introduce another texture while giving a nod to the copper tones throughout the space. Not only does it lend itself to the design, it provides us with additional seating and a place to put clothes and pillows.

Faux leather tufted bench in bedroom

Window Treatment

I couldn't wait to get rid of the hand-me-down curtains for new ones. The curtains we had before the makeover weren't the proper length. We decided to install a double curtain rod (more on that below) to allow for layered effect: solid curtains paired with sheered curtains. One of the things I love about our bedroom is all of the natural sunlight. While I wanted a window treatment option that would block the sun at times, I didn't want that would any that would make the space feel dark all of the time. Layering the curtains allowed me to achieve my goal.

Renter-friendly bedroom upgrades with DIY curtain rod, neutral curtains, and floor lamp table

Since the window is so long it required a rod that was long enough, it needed to be the right thickness to support the weight of the curtains. At the time of this makeover the double rod options available on line were pricey. So we decided to DIY the rod for a fraction of the price. We purchase copper pipe from Home Depot. Was it perfect? Nope! We should have bought a wider pipe. The one we got wasn't strong enough to properly support the weight of the curtains causing it to dip towards the middle. We spray painted the copper pipe black because the color didn't complement the space and purchase a pack of brackets on Amazon.

Renter-friendly bedroom upgrades with DIY curtain rod and neutral curtains

Wall Decor

The wall decor was a cheap addition the space. We kept it simple with some easy DIY art. I used a Canvas we already owned to create the floral wall art. I had had the existing canvas for years and the design wouldn't have matched the space. I purchased blue, textured peel and stick wallpaper and faux orchids. I placed the wallpaper on top of the canvas adding a little adhesive glue to the edges to ensure it would stick. I used the hot glue to attached the faux orchids to the wallpaper.

Pro tip for creating DIY wall art with wall paper and faux flowers

The second piece of wall decor is a DIY dry erase board with a frame. I love writing inspirational quotes and words of motivation to look at daily. I didn't have anymore wall space for a dry erase board. Even if I did, it wouldn't have went with the design. The adhesive white board along with the wallpaper border used for the frame was an easy, renter friendly solution. We needed another roll of wallpaper border to finish the project (we moved before it was delivered).

DIY adhesive white board with wallpaper border

Dressing Space Area

Our bedroom was a large space allowing me to use a section of it for my dressing space. It was essential to figure out how to maximize the square footage of the apartment by creating multi-functional spaces and incorporating effective storage solutions.

White Ikea desk being used as a vanity in bedroom

I got a desk from Ikea to use as a vanity. It has two drawers and a cabinet, which provided plenty of storage for my jewelry, skincare, and some of my hair care products. I purchased plastic and acrylic organizers to store my makeup and the remainder of my hair care products.

White Ikea desk being used as a vanity in bedroom with makeup organizers

I bought the Alex 9-drawer unit for additional storage. It was more than enough space to store clothing accessories and miscellaneous things that couldn't fit in my closet.

Ikea Alex 9-drawer unit used for additional storage in multi-purpose bedroom space

63 x 20 Full Length LED Mirror (Not Exact)

I hope my bedroom makeover show you that just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't add personality and warmth to your home! These are just a few easy, affordable, rental-friendly upgrades that you can make to your space. Also, please remember that there is such a thing as "normal wear and tear" and no landlord can withhold your deposit for that.

If you would like a tour our bedroom, check out the YouTube video HERE.

Easy, budget, renter-friendly hacks to upgrade your apartment


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